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We are a recruitment agency with humble beginnings as an exam training firm that focuses on training securities and insurance professionals. We have accumulated a database of over 5000 candidates with a background in banking, securities broking, futures broking, asset management, credit rating, securities advising, and corporate finance.

Financial Institutions:
(Responsible Officer)
Asset Managers
Wealth Managers
Compliance Advisers
Account Executives

Chief Executives
Wealth Managers
Financial Planners

Contingent Talent Acquisition

$40,000 or 1-Month of Salary, whichever is higher

What we offer:
Pay on success recruitment.
100% Moneyback Guarantee within 30 days
50% Moneyback from 31-90 days

Why you should use it
We are specialized in the recruitment of S.F.C., H.K.F.I., P.I.B.A. and C.I.B. Licensee。 (Especially Responsible Officers and Chief Executives.)
We are a firm who know the in and outs of licensing and we have created a number of videos that explains the process, click here to learn more.
You are hiring less than a full team per month and have a small number of key roles.

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