Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail)


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Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV RESUME 履歷編寫服務


除了招聘服務和牌照諮詢服務之外,本公司也提供 Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV RESUME 履歷編寫服務,幫助你在雇主,人力資源經理以及招聘獵頭顧問前面展示出最好的一面。很多 Admin & HR, Compensation & Benefits求職者也好奇,為甚麼會有人找別人代寫resume。因為大學以及專業學院也會教學生寫CV以及RESUME。同時有很多求職者自己網上申請幾百次,卻連一個面試機會都沒有感到煩惱。CV RESUME 履歷編寫服務就能夠幫助你解決困難。

本公司的編寫服務是由在香港擔任人力資源部門的專才兼職負責編寫,由負責Admin & HR, Compensation & Benefits 招聘的HR幫你寫 Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV,確保命中重點,精簡實用。




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本公司的編寫服務是由在香港擔任人力資源部門的專才兼職負責編寫,由負責Admin & HR, Compensation & Benefits 招聘的HR幫你寫 Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV,確保命中重點,精簡實用。



我們公司不但能提CV RESUME 履歷編寫服務,所有光顧CV RESUME 履歷編寫服務的客戶都可以獲得一個60 分鐘的諮詢環節,我們的寫手會盡力解答你有關就業市場的行情,慣例,以及專業文化。你可以在該諮詢內儘量得到更多相關資訊,確保你在搵工過程順利無阻

本公司的編寫服務是由在香港擔任人力資源部門的專才兼職負責編寫,由負責Admin & HR, Compensation & Benefits 招聘的HR幫你寫 Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV,確保命中重點,精簡實用。






本公司的編寫服務是由在香港擔任人力資源部門的專才兼職負責編寫,由負責Admin & HR, Compensation & Benefits 招聘的HR幫你寫 Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV,確保命中重點,精簡實用。




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本公司的編寫服務是由在香港擔任人力資源部門的專才兼職負責編寫,由負責Admin & HR, Compensation & Benefits 招聘的HR幫你寫 Senior HR Executive / Assistant HR Manager (C&B Payroll) (Retail) CV,確保命中重點,精簡實用。






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本公司的專業寫手涵蓋不同的行業,包括管理諮詢(Consulting)、資訊科技(IT)、工程(Engineering)、物流(Logistics)、零售(Retail)、FMCG、製造業(Manufacturing)、金融(Finance)、會計(Accounting)、審計(Audit)、物業管理(Property Management)、電子商貿(E-Commerce)、銷售(Sales)、營銷(Marketing)…等行業,必然能夠涵蓋你的行業。



銀行業寫手 LID02225

9 years of recruitment experience from Entry to VP level, she has worked with Sales, Trading, and Middle Office professionals for an American Bank and a French Investment Bank in Hong Kong.

證券業寫手 LID00695

Associate Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management, CMgr MCMI of Chartered Management Institute. Worked in HR sector for more than 9 years within different industries and mainly focus in the financial sector, handled all-rounded hiring function for Type 1/2/4/6/9 companies, from back-office support (Included CS, settlement, compliance, IT and sales administrative) to front line representatives (Included dealers, investment analyst, relationship staffs) as well as from graduate-level (Management trainee) to top management grade (ROs, Sales director and Fund Manager).

金融業寫手 LID02229

8 year+ talent acquisition experiences for Financial Institutions (SFC types 1,2,4,6,9) from junior to executive levels of front, middle and back offices.

零售業,市場研究業,公用業寫手 LID02058

A seasoned HR professional working in various industries including Retail, Multinational Research Agency, Public Utility, etc.

金融業寫手 LID02013

He lived in UK for several years and graduated from one of the worldwide Top30 University. He is good at client consultation and experienced in reviewing and translating bilingual resumes across different job functions. Furthermore, He is currently responsible for recruiting in a listed company and multiple Chinese owned securities brokerages. In addition to that, he is also an all-round HR & Admin professional.

銀行業,娛樂業,零售業,市場研究業寫手 LID02090

Experience in a multinational bank as part of the Talent Acquisition Team, focusing on retail & commercial banking recruitment. Also she has experience working as a out-sourced recruiter.

銀行業,金融業寫手 LID02059

She was a recruiting coordinator who bridge the gap between recruiters and higher up in global hedge fund. She was responsible for end to end APAC campus recruiting. She also has experience in local banks and investment banks.

銀行業寫手 LID02227

Currently working in a big French investment bank/FI as senior human resources manager overseeing HR policies. Ex. Hang Seng Bank HRBP for Corporate Banking and Management Level HR for Sizable FIs’

金融業,銀行業寫手 LID02089

She was an HR Director/Head of HR for a global FX brokerage. Prior to that she was a HR Manager for a European Investment Bank. Before that she was a campus recruiter for a Swiss Investment Bank and a Scottish Bank.

美容業,科技業,媒體業寫手 LID02240

I am a seasoned HR professional with regional experience working in multinational companies in tech, beauty and media companies.
Throughout my career, I am always interested recruitment and I would like to give tips to candidates for their interviews as well. A good CV is the first step to get your dream job!

美容業,科技業寫手 LID02241

Energetic, authentic HR profession with extensive HR experience in Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong in talent management, total rewards, workforce planning, inclusion and diversity, merger and acquisition diligence, formulating Corporate HR policies and building emerging talent. Excellent stakeholder management skills across all levels in multi-national companies, certified DiSC and Horgan consultant with professional coaching skills. Native in Cantonese and fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

工程業,消費品業,銀行業寫手 LID02242

Douglas is a HR professional with track records working for global corporations, including Fortune 500, across industries. He specialises in managing and advising people development programme, incl. management trainee and experienced hire development programme. His works involve not only candidate selection but also career planning. Douglas is also being referred as talent in consolidating and re-organising puzzled information. In terms of roles, MT, graduates are definitely no doubt my best.

保險業,金融業,法律業寫手 LID02243

Chris is an experienced HRBP who has worked across insurance, investment banking and legal industries. He has advised career-oriented individuals on revamping their CVs, job search and interview strategies to tailor to their ideal job postings. He brings his corporate HR experience and a sophisticated understanding of what employers are truly looking for to help you stand out in this competitive job market.

地產業寫手 LID02248

I am in the HR field for 8 years focus in the real estate industry. I had been the role of HR generalist, HRBP, Talent Acquisition Advisor. I scanned a lot of CV in the past years, so I know the keys for chance to get the interview opportunities.

零售業寫手 LID02265

I am a graduate from Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree in BBA majored in HR. Since graduation, I have been working in the HR field for 5 years and I am currently working in a listed local FMCG and household company. My current role is an all-rounded HR with a focus on recruitment of back office and procurement / sourcing staff. As my day-to-day job is reviewing and screening CVs of different candidates, I know exactly what employers are Iooking for when they review candidates’ resume and thus I believe that my skills could help you to polish your CV so that you will have the best chance of being shortlisted for interview.