Fund Research Analyst/ Fund Performance Researcher-20210119A

[Opportunity: 20210119A]
Fund Research Analyst/ Fund Performance Researcher Vacancy

📝Reports To
The fund research analyst will report to the company’s founding partner and the Portfolio Manager.

🏢Company Background
Our client is a multi-family office based in Hong Kong that specialises in managing various financial investment portfolios. The company manages portfolios, such as: a Fund of Hedge Funds and discretionary portfolios. As of now, our client’s AUM is at the billion USD mark. With diverse clientele, the client deals with business partners and clients both locally and in Mainland China. The company is currently gradually growing and is looking to further expand their business scope into Mainland China and Singapore.

💻Job Overview
As a junior fund research analyst, you are required to research and evaluate the performance of the hedge funds and other investments that the family office invest in. You are also required to conduct research and prospect for potential fund investment opportunities, as well as provide administrative support to other senior fund managers in their day-to-day job duties.

✔️Responsibilities and Duties
• Conduct research on funds and prospect new potential fund investment opportunities
• Write and compile research reports on hedge funds and other investment opportunities
• Assisting other senior managers to deliver fund recommendations
• Collect, manage and monitor the performances of funds that the fund of hedge funds invested in.
• Provide administrative support to senior fund managers
• Ad hoc tasks on request

• Undergraduate degree or above, (majors in business, statistic, finance, economics or related discipline preferred, but not a must)
• 1-2 years of working experience in research and analytics in the finance industry is preferred.
• Good in spoken and Written Mandarin and English
• Proficient in using Microsoft office and statistical packages

• HKD $ 25,000 – HKD $ 30,000 Monthly Salary

🌟Why should you apply?
If you apply for this role, you will be rewarded a mysterious gift upon the submission of an assignment. The best submission will be entitled to a new IPad 10.2 (32Gb). The award will be announced on 16th Feb 2021.

☀️How to apply? What is the assignment?
Please choose ONE of the following topics, film a 3-minute video in Mandarin and send the video and your CV to us.
***Please note that the intellectual rights of the videos will belong to Paradox Management Limited upon submission. We will not post the videos on the public channels without your permission but we reserve the right to post the messages conveyed on public channels.***
Please choose ONE of the following
Fund recommendations
a.) 3 hedge funds to invest in? (in terms of 1 yr, 5 yr and 10 yr)
b.) 3 hedge funds not to invest it? (in terms of 1 yr, 5 yr and 10 yr)
Data collection
c.) Find out new funds that have been established in 2021Find out funds that went out of business in 2020
d.) Find out Funds that have recently switched managers
e.) Find out Funds that have recently switched custodians
f.) Find out Funds with the most prohibitive redemption policies
g.) Find out Funds with the most flexible redemption policies

🌱How to submit
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +852 55122462