Sole Type 4, 9 R.O. Managing an Art Fund (Hong Kong LPF) 20210802A

[Opportunity: 20210802A]

Sole Type 4, 9 R.O. Manging an Art Fund (Hong Kong LPF)

📝Company Products (公司提供的產品):

● Provide asset management services for a Hong Kong LPF.

● The Investment objective of the Hong Kong LPF is to trade and speculate on contemporary art and old masterpieces, mostly paintings.

● The Hong Kong LPF may also invest in other asset classes such as bonds and money market funds.

💻Job Duties (工作內容):

● Lead and head the SFC Licence application of the Asset Management Company in Hong Kong.

● Assist with the formation of the Hong Kong LPF including the sourcing of fund admin, banks, valuers, and trustees.

● Other administrative duties related to the formation of the Asset Management Company and the Hong Kong LPF.

✔️Company Requirements(公司要求):

● Existing Type 4, 9 R.O. with experience with company setup and LPF setup.
● A good network of fund admin, trustees, and banks is crucial and of utmost importance.
● Individuals who are adventurous, open-minded, and passionate are ideal.

● Experience in PE, buy-side, or family office is preferable.

● Exposure to art and other collectibles is definitely an advantage.

● Fluent in English and Mandarin.

🏢Company Background(公司背景):

● A Hong Kong Asset Management Company that specializes in managing and advising on art-related investments.

● The Asset Management Company and the LPF will be funded by the founder, the initial AUM of the fund is going to be approximately 10 million USD.

● The company is going to be a boutique operation in Hong Kong.

● The founder is a local Hong Kong resident.

💰Company Package (公司待遇):

● 50-80K Full Time

☀️ How to apply?

● Email us your CV

🌱How to submit
● Email: [email protected]
● Whatsapp: +852 55122462